Greater Rochester

Medical Community Christian Fellowship


GRMCCF is an informal group of Christian health professionals, primarily physicians, who gather periodically for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. The Fellowship has been an active part of the Greater Rochester community for over 30 years and encourages physicians in their personal faith, assists them in becoming mentors to students, and highlights opportunities to engage in medical missions at home and abroad. Participation is open to any who consider their personal commitment to Christ to be a central, defining part of who they are, regardless of denominational affiliation. There are no membership dues or obligations; we just come as we are and contribute to each event as we're able. Spouses and invited guests are always welcome.


Since its formation in the early 1980s, the primary event sponsored by GRMCCF has been a series of Christian Physician Breakfasts, hosted twice a year at first and more recently three times a year in the fall, winter, and spring. The focus has been on collegial fellowship with one another and members of the student group. Time is set aside for announcements, prayer, and at least one speaker. Attendance usually runs around 40 (30 physicians and 10 students and guests), although we often have over 50 come to our annual Winter Missions Breakfast to draw inspiration from what their colleagues have been doing on the mission field. Spouses and invited guests are welcome. Click on "Activities" on the menu at the left for particulars about our upcoming Breakfast and other events of interest.


We also publish a Directory of our community mailing list, updated throughout the year and posted in a password-protected file at the "Directory" menu link to the left.


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